About us

Harry Stebbing Workshop was formed in 1998 by Harry and Pam Stebbing when Harry left his career in teaching. He started manufacturing notice boards from English Oak and it didn’t take long for the range of products to grow.

Harry took me on as an apprentice at sixteen. I worked with him while completing a cabinet making course at City College Norwich. I continued to work with him until his retirement in 2016 when I was given the opportunity to take over the business. I now own the business running the workshop, June is in the office taking enquiries and orders and my wife, Roz, ensures deliveries are organised with customers. We are proud to be a personable and friendly small business, where possible our deliveries are all delivered by myself to ensure the safe transport and arrival of our products.

The business still holds Harry’s high standards of quality and commitment to the environment at its core. We use mainly English Oak for all our products as we believe it to be the best and environmentally friendly. We continue to support Woodland Heritage, who use our donations to support research and contribute to the proper management of British Trees therefore helping to stabilise the future of English Oak.

Our range of products is extensive, bespoke products are available so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Jon Bacon

Harry Stebbing Workshop,
1 Gurneys Manor Farm Cottage,
Attleborough Road, Hingham,
Norfolk, NR9 4NQ