All the planters are made from first quality seasoned (much of it bought from a National Trust property in East Anglia) not European oak, with ex 4” corner posts traditionally mortice tenoned and pegged joints with tongue and grooving between the boards. The inside of the planter is lined with a heavy duty polythene liner which is held in place with oak battens around the underside of the cap and supported on a slatted base, approximately one third up from the bottom of the planter itself. The optional wrought iron features, are all handmade, powder coated and finally stove enamelled. They can be used in any combination to suit personal preference. Although limited designs are shown, we would be pleased to quote on any design or size you would like to ‘throw at us’ !! They are priced for a basic box, whether vertically or horizontally boarded.

Prices vary according to size ~ example below~

Hockham Planter measures 1m x 1m x 1m @ £700:00 each

Optional extras features include:

Wrought iron twiddly bits between corner posts ~ above or below basic box @ £195:00 a set

Ball or Acorn post tops @ £69:00 a set

Square panel ~ useful for hand carved inscriptions or brass plaque £17:25 each

Hand carved letters @ £4:00 a letter