Oak A-Boards

The materials used for any of the ‘A’ Boards will be an English oak framework with traditional mortice and tenon joints and high quality brass or hand forged stainless steel fittings. It can have a paint finish, a dark stain or an organic oil. We use Osmo (an Ethical Award Company) UV Protection Oil Extra, which is a blend of natural oils that is water and dirt resistant and will penetrate deeply into the wood plus offering exceptional durability. It is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Oil enhances the natural tone of wood. The principle of Osmo is to manufacture and supply only products which are safe and environmentally friendly during production as well as application. I would recommend this, as it will be the least amount of ongoing maintenance for you. Osmo oil will need to be applied yearly if you require your product to maintain its fresh look. Alternatively you could have no finish at all and it will, in time, turn a beautiful silvery colour that only old oak can, and be totally maintenance free!!

Here are some more A-Board examples