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When comparing prices with other manufacturers, it may be worth bearing in mind that because we have an all-inclusive price which includes delivery, we do not charge any extra for vinyl lettering on the header board, or superior Sundeala self-healing pin board; or for unbreakable polycarbonate glazing, which, unlike toughened glass, doesn't shatter. Our standard specification also includes our unique mounting system of oak posts with attractive stopped chamfered edges and a cut-away ledge ~ the latter supporting the full weight of the notice board ~ so it doesn't just hang off its fixings ~ together with a heavy duty black stove enamelled steel box section socket, therefore the posts won't rot as they are not concreted directly into the ground. Plus best quality marine ply outer backboard; weather sealed lockable doors; insect proof vents and solid brass fittings.

Although there is no extra charge for vinyl lettering on the header board, for a more traditional look, we offer hand carved (not machine engraved) lettering @ £4.00 per letter extra.

We use only English (much of it bought from a National Trust property in East Anglia) not European oak. Our replanting scheme was initiated through a partnership with Woodland Heritage whose patron is HRH the Prince of Wales. We are very proud of the fact that we have already had planted over a 1000 trees since the scheme started, and now feel we have been able to "put something back".

Notice Board's Specification

In addition to the standard specification the following points apply to all notice boards:

  • The glazing, which is silicone sealed, is polycarbonate and recognised as being vandal proof. It will withstand the impact of a brick without breaking.
  • The lockable doors are weather sealed along the outer sides of the cabinet.
  • Insect proof vents to encourage good ventilation.
  • High quality external Sundeala pinboard inner back. (BS 1142)
  • Genuine Marine ply and sealed outer back. (BS 1088)
  • A solid brass door lock is supplied with two keys, solid drawn brass butt hinges and, where appropriate, solid drawn brass bolts are fitted.
  • Cabinet corners reinforced with concealed captive nut and bolt.
  • High quality vinyl lettering is supplied as standard although hand carved lettering adds to the already high quality and gives a classic touch.

All our notice boards can be either glazed, open fronted or a combination of both.

The price includes:
Polycarbonate glazing
Weather sealed doors
Sundeala pinboard inner back
Marine ply outer back
Solid brass fittings throughout
Vinyl lettering
Hand carved lettering @ £4:00 a letter, carved by a master carver.
Oak post(s) + stove enamelled steel socket(s) - where applicable
All fixings and instruction sheet

N.B. Other sizes of notice boards can be made just as easily, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a 'special'.



Where appropriate the specification of the glazed notice boards will also apply to the open notice boards.  However one important change to the specification is the material used for the inner back.  This is environmentally friendly recycled rubber/cork composite that is drawing pin friendly.

The combinations available are many and various, please ask - as we like a challenge!  The outer back is still a marine ply which is silicone sealed into the main notice board frame.

The bottom frame is also designed in such a way as to shed any water that would otherwise build up on this surface.


Corner detail of notice board
Open Bay notice board 12 x A4 pages

Holds: 12 x A4 (2 rows of 3 x A4)

Case: 1585mm (62½”) wide x 800mm (31½") tall

Open Bay
Wall Mounted or
Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Holds: 6 x A4 sheets
Case  800mm (31½”) x 800mm (31½”)

Open Bay
Wall Mounted or
Single  120mm (5”) Post/Socket
Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Wall mounted notice board

Open fronted notice board

Holds: 9 x A4 sheets
Case 800mm (31½”) x 1060mm (42”)

Open Bay
Wall Mounted or
Single 120mm (5”) Post/Socket
Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Holds: 16 x A4 sheets
Open bays either side + glazed lockable

Case 1830mm (72”) x 800mm (31½”)
Door Polycarbonate glazed & lockable

Wall Mounted or
Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Triple bay notice board , 1 glazed & 2 open
Triple bay 1 open fronted notice board and 2 glazed

Holds: 14 x A4 sheets
Lockable Glazed Doors either side with Open Central Bay

Case 1830mm (72”) x 800mm (31½”)
Doors Polycarbonate Glazed & Lockable

Wall Mounted or

Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Holds: 10 x A4 sheets

Case 1225mm (48”) x 800mm (31½”)
Polycarbonate Glazed & Lockable + Open Bay
LHS—Polycarbonate Glazed & Lockable 4 x A4
RHS—Open Bay holds 6 x A4

Wall Mounted or
Single 120mm (5”) Post/Socket
Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

10 x A4 open fronted notice board
Youlgrave notice board

Combination Board : Holds: 36 x A4
Case 3000mm (118½”) x 1060mm (42”)

2 x Polycarbonate Glazed & Lockable with
Open Middle Bay

Wall Mounted or

Triple 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

Open Bay : Holds 10 x A4

Case 1225mm (48”) x 800mm (31½”)

Single 120mm (5”) Post/Socket

Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

St Clements Common notice board

Design Details: This notice board has a
veneered oak panel with vinyl lettering and a hand painted
design of horse chestnut leaves to the customers specification.

Double Independently Lockable Doors with
Polycarbonate Glazing

Case 1225mm (48”) x 800mm (31½”)

Double 100mm (4”) Post/Socket

  National Trust open fronted notice board
Bespoke combination notice board, lockable section and open section

Bespoke combination notice board made for National Trust at Ickworth House in Suffolk with oak from Ickworth woodland, which has a lockable, glazed door for notices.  The left hand side has an English oak backboard and black vinyl letters and a ‘No Dogs’ symbol

Bespoke combination notice board has a lockable, bottom hinged glazed door for the Parish Council over an open fronted panel with a weather-proof cork/rubber composite backing for the parishioners.

There is a further selection of notice boards under the Ecclesiastical section. Ickworth notice board

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