Map Cases


We now have an extremely talented illustrator working with us, who does a lot of work for Natural England and BBC Springwatch to name but two. Sam will capture your imagination with her delightful coloured illustrations, so together with the aid of our digital vinyl printer/cutter, we are able to produce in-house weatherproof interpretive panels, site plans, footpath maps.  We are also able to offer general signage, and banners for a special occasion such as fund raising events in your church or village generally. 

Map cases with weatherproof glass reinforced plastic or vinyl maps can be produced either from your own art work or our map makers can design it for you.  All things are possible - a local area map, footpaths guide or flora and fauna information board in its own case.  Alternatively you may wish to display this information in a fixed glazed frame on the back of a standard post mounted notice board and get the best of both worlds.  Standard and notice board specifications apply. The proportions of the notice board/map case can be altered to suit your particular requirements.  We can supply a map for all map cases from your art work ~ to be reverse printed with an environmentally friendly ink ~ and mounted onto unbreakable polycarbonate.   It will be mounted on fixings to facilitate future easy map changing. Prices start from 160.00 (One Hundred and Sixty Pounds) + vat.

Encapsulation with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
The most durable solution available, if funds permit.  The pigmented inks are longer lasting with an overall life expectancy of  10 years warranty against fading under normal light and weather conditions.  Price of a 105mm diameter GRP emblem recessed into any of the raised header boards will be £155:00 inc. header board or recessed into the oak post £130:00

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Bespoke Map case
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Design: Bespoke Map case
Holds: Digitally printed map to clients specification
Style: Post Mounted ~ complete with heavy duty enamel painted metal socket
Cabinet Size: 800mm x 620mm x 60mm
Post: 1 x 100mm x 100mm x 1830

Header: Hand Carved Letters

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Style: Map Case to display A1 map

Mount: Double 90mm Posts ~ together with two heavy duty stove enamelled heavy steel sockets.

Cabinet Size: 960mm wide x 720mm tall x 85mm deep

Design Details
Design: Single Door ~ glazed lockable
Style: Wall or Post Mounted ~ complete with heavy duty enamel painted metal socket
Cabinet Size: 745mm tall x 555mm wide
Display area: 625mm x 450mm
Post: 1 x 100mm x 100mm x 1830mm

Header: Vinyl or hand carved letters

Head gardeners house notice board
Bardon Moor Map case
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Bespoke map case - two posts
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Bespoke map case
displaying grave positions
within the cemetery.

Sissinhurst map case
Harthill & Woodall Map Case
Hand carved map showing footpaths and roads with prominent buildings of the villages of Harthill and Woodall and the additional logo of Yorkshire Rural Community Council
Header board oak
Header board oak

Map case
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Two Posts, Glazed and Open Fronted

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LHS glazed lockable
RHS Open Fronted
Middle glazed lockable map case

3 bay map case
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Design: Triple doored with central map case
Holds: 4 x A4 per door
Style: Wall Mounted
Cabinet Size: 1830mm x 800mm x 85mm
Display area: 3 x 515mm x 680mm
Header: Vinyl or hand carved letters
Artist at work Jersey farm
Lecturn close up Sandridge Lecturnmap case
Alsingham Lectern Map Walsingham Wall Map
Barlestone map case
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Mapcase AShley village

Digitally printed Map Case        Map Case - Digitally printed

Digitally printed interpretive panel, protected by unbreakable polycarbonate with UV filter. It is silicone sealed and held in place by a brushed stainless steel or an oak framework and security screws, and all mounted on a heavy oak under frame.

Normandy Orchard Mapcase
Telephone Box    Leaflet Rack for Telephone Kiosk

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Latin Field Small Games Court sign
Coltishall map case
Swaffham map case

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