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Woodland burial is a centuries-old practice which is justifiably enjoying a great revival. As people become more aware not only of their responsibility to the environment but also of their ability to choose where their ultimate resting place will be...

Bramble Swing Seat

Bramble Cottage Woodcraft Ltd.
Garden Swing Seats and Tree Swings in English oak

Building Conservation
Cathedral Communication Ltd

Originally established in June 1992 by Elizabeth Coyle-Camp, Gordon Sorensen and Jonathan Taylor in response to the lack of information on products and services for the conservation of historic buildings, Cathedral Communications Limited launched the first edition of The Building Conservation Directory 12 months later to immediate acclaim.

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Great Hockham
A Village in Norfolk

A picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside.

Jo Green,Gilding and Restoration

Jo Green practices the traditional art of gilding, also encompassing painted surface decoration.
Jo has a wide range of customers including Antique dealers and collectors, The National Trust, painting/paper conservators, private owners of period properties, artists and art collectors, furniture makers and restorers, interior designers, yacht designers, kitchen makers and many more.

His wood carving work can be seen in such landmark establishments as Downing Street, Windsor Castle Globe Theatre and abroad.

Norfolk Village Signs

Over 400 town or village signs in Norfolk, more than any other county in England. Over 100 of these are shown on this site.


The Art of Ornamental or Decorative Plastering.


Pargeting is the traditional art of decorative or ornamental plastering . Pargeting is a form of bas relief (low relief) or wall sculpture.


High quality heavy duty banners with stitched hems and brass eyelets.   Digitally printed for permanence or applied Vinyl for easy changeability. Full colour digitally printed panels or applied Vinyl incorporating your personal logos and font mounted on either Foamex or Dibond. Premium aluminium exterior notice boards in wall, post and rail mounted versions.

Our range of traditional Children’s Toys and traditional Pub Games are the best of British quality craftsmanship, they will last for years and are sure to become toybox treasures.

UK Villages

This useful website covers details and news about villages throughout the country.

Village Signs Society

The national society for village sign enthusiasts and everyone in their creation.


Woodland Burial Parks
offer a natural and more meaningul alternative to traditional burial and cremation options and differ in many important ways from other woodland or green burial sites.


Woodland Heritage

A unique initiative that believes growing trees of quality ensures woodlands have an economic value – and valued woodlands provide a sustainable natural environment.
“Forestry is man working in partnership with nature”
Lewis Scott (co-founder)

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