Honours Boards


All our Honours Board are bespoke to suit your specific requirements—we can make any size you like from the simplest shape to the most elaborate that could have an elaborate hand carved outer frame. All our hand carving is done by Rob Lewis, who is a member of the illustrious Master Carvers’ Association; examples of his work can be seen in Windsor Castle, Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament.

We specialise in high quality, hand crafted Honours boards, made from first quality English oak or oak veneered board. They can be plain edged, chamfered or with a quarter bead edging. Alternatively for a more traditional look they can have an added oak moulding. We like ‘one offs’ let us know the dimensions and we’ll do the rest!

We can also add the names in white black or gold high quality vinyl with further additions as necessary. Your unique logos can also be added — supplied as a .pdf .eps or .jpg please.

All honours boards can have a plain or shaped edge
~ chamfered, quarter bead, or additional moulding.

Forest Pafk Club Honurs Boards

Above is a blank copy of an existing board made for Forest Park Golf Club near York.  If your boards are filling up fast and you want to retain the same style for continuity, please don’t hesitate to ring to discuss details etc.  We like a challenge !!


 Forest Park Honours Board


Honours Board

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Honours Board

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Berwick on Tweed Honours Board Blythburgh Honours Board
Honours Bord - Balsall Common

Honours Board

Proposed RICHMOND BOCU Memorial Board

Richmond Bocu memorial board

Richmond Bocu memorial board detail